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 Please register or text 416 902-5768 for availablity

 7am Good Morning Flow 
 9:30am Hatha Yoga
 11 - 12:15 am - Gentle Yoga 
 1-4pm KIDS 1/2 Day Camp
 6pm - CHAIR YOGA 1 Hour - $10
 7:15 TBA/ special events

11am Yoga Flow mix 
6:30pm Easy Flow Yoga
8pm Contemplative Meditations

 7am Core Flow Vinyasa 
 9:30am Gentle Yoga           
1-4pm KIDS 1/2 Day Camp    
 5:00pm Gentle Hatha Yoga (may cancel/low attendance)
 9:30 - 10:45am  Gentle Weight Loss Inspired
 11 - 12:15am - Gentle Basic Yoga
 3:45 -5pm - YinYoga 
5 - 6pm - Yoga Youth 9-16yrs
 6:30pm - Hatha Flow Yoga

7am Yin Yoga
1-4pmKids Yoga

 Saturdays  9am Yoga Vinyasa         
 (*July 28th  Schedule Change- 9:30am gentle -mixed )
                       10:30am Mindful Yoga  

Sunday Spirit
         Not all Sundays will be available this Summer -contact 1st
                  11am Sun& Moon Flow
                  12:15pm Yoga Teen Circle - pre register 

 416 902-5768

ADDITIONAL WEBSITE @ www.earthelementsyoga.com