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 Meditation Classes available for Groups
check schedule for current classes :)  

Samagra Meditation :
 point yoga/breath/expand
this is a meditative practice created by one of my teachers (JIVASU-many thanks!) is available this fall Sunday mornings at 10am for anyone in the community :)
starting November- 
 Optional $2-5-10 donations to Sick Kids Foundation

   Meditate at Home!

Find a quiet place and sit with comfort, spine straight. Take 3 deep breaths.
Gently close your eyes. Thoughtfully follow the breath into the lungs and back out the nose.
Gradually start to visualize a light at the heart center. Bring the breath in & out of that shining  center of light. Open the passage of your heart in compassion and deep love . Let the light shine through. Breath for 5-15 minutes. Slowly open your eyes. Keep the heart light with you!

meditation is the effort of thinking mindfully!      kw:)